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Andromeda Professional Edition
Andromeda Professional Edition makes it easy to add a dynamic media library to your private intranet or public Web site.

What does it do? Andromeda scans your files and presents them as a fully-featured streaming Web site. That means you simply add, move, rename, and delete files to update the contents of your Andromeda-powered site. It really is as easy as drag, drop, stream.
Featured Andromeda site:
CD Baby Editor Picks
The Web's favorite independent music store.
The best way to get a feel for Andromeda:
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Everything is handled by a single PHP or ASP file. That means there's no need to fuss with SQL or install extra software on the server.
And if Andromeda doesn't suit you for any reason, simply delete the script -- no need for a sketchy "uninstall."
NO adware, NO spyware, period.
Some helpful pages from support:
Front End / GUI
A top-to-bottom tour of the Andromeda inteface, including the built-in logon, search tool, playlists, and lots more.
Getting Started
The step-by-step guide to setting up and administering your Andromeda site.
Skins & Themes
Download a new look for your Andromeda site, or design your own from scratch.
Questions? Comments? Send email to:
sales@turnstyle.com or support@turnstyle.com
Professional Edition /
Purchase Andromeda Professional Edition, PHP versionPHP version$495Purchase Andromeda Professional Edition, PHP version
Purchase Andromeda Professional Edition, ASP versionASP version$495Purchase Andromeda Professional Edition, ASP version
Reviews /
"It doesn't get much simpler than Andromeda. If you have a basic Web site and are capable of copying MP3s and the Andromeda script (PHP or ASP) into a folder on your server, you can offer streaming or downloadable music on the Internet or within any LAN."
"Browse your media library using any web browser. It's dead simple to install."
Clear Channel
"We're using Andromeda to distribute station promo audio enterprise-wide within Clear Channel. It's so simple to use that even I can figure it out. Our producers and programming staff love it....simple and powerful."
-Jim Cook
Production Brand Manager
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