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How do I change my preferences?
For both the PHP and ASP versions of Andromeda, the best way is to manually create or edit a prefs file. See this page for details.

If you're using the ASP version of Andromeda, you can also access a limited set of prefs by clicking the button that looks like a document icon in the top right of the menubar. Note, however, that the built-in preference gui is currently 'devalued' and I strongly suggest that you edit the prefs file manually. To see the preferences button, you must open Andromeda with a web browser on the same computer which is running the Andromeda script.

Can other people change my prefs?
No. Visitors to your site won't see the preferences button. The preferences button is only available when you open Andromeda with a web browser on the same computer which is running the Andromeda script.

I'm running an FTP server too, is there anything I need to know?
Yes. Check out the FTP info page. If you let people upload files, you should make sure to implement at least one of the following two security precautions:

» files in the upload directory can not be accessed via the web


» the upload directory does not allow script execution

Either of these precautions will prevent people from being able to upload and execute scripts on your computer.

Does Andromeda replace the need to use an FTP program?
Not necessarily. Andromeda is great for browsing your mp3 collection, playing full albums, and downloading individual tracks. FTP is great for downloading full folders, and for uploading. Lots of people run Andromeda and FTP at the same time.

I turned requireLogon on, but it doesn't ask me to log on. Is it working?
You won't be asked to log on if you open Andromeda with a web browser on the same computer which is running the Andromeda script. Try accessing it from a different computer - you should then be asked to log on.

I'd like to set Andromeda to use my domain name instead of my ip address, can do I do that?
Sure. Let's say your domain name is www.mydomain.com. All you need to do is set the hostAddress preference to www.mydomain.com (remember not to include the leading http:// or trailing /).

I need to configure a port for http, can do I do that?
Sure. Let's say your ip address is and you want to use port 8080. All you need to do is set the hostAddress preference to (remember not to include the leading http:// or trailing /). Alternatively, if you prefer to use a domain name, set hostAddress to www.mydomain.com:8080

I've got a big collection, and my Andromeda page is slow. Can I speed it up?
Check out the Maximizing Performace page. You might want to turn off the displayNew feature via Andromeda preferences. displayNew drills down into your folders looking for new files. If it finds any, it automatically marks all folders containing new files as 'new'. Disabling displayNew will prevent Andromeda from looking for new files. You might also want to disable permitSearch.

My mp3s are saved on a different hard drive. Can I get Andromeda to work with them there?
Yes. You need to configure a virtual directory with your web server. Let's say your mp3s are stored on d:\music\. All you need to do is configure a virtual directory (let's say you also call it 'music') pointing to d:\music\, and then put the Andromeda script in d:\music\Default.asp. Now when you open a browser to http://yourserver/music, Andromeda will return the contents of d:\music\.

How can I limit access to my music?
The best way to limit access is to set file permissions on Andromeda and your mp3 files through your operating system (Windows XP, 2000, NT; UNIX). To play those mp3s you'll need to use an mp3 player which can authenticate. Currently, I know that Windows Media Player and Real Player can authenticate. Winamp can't, but they might add that feature before too long.

Alternatively, you can turn on Andromeda's requireLogon feature, and set up accounts for your friends. Andromeda will then require users to log on when arriving at your site. This does not provide the same degree of security as the operating system approach mentioned above, but it does the trick. Keep in mind that requireLogon cannot protect files from being accessed if the user knows its full url.

How can I save my playlist?
There are two ways to save your playlists:

» Instead of clicking the play button, right-click it and choose 'save target as'

» Click the play button and save the playlist from your mp3 player

Both of these techniques will save the playlist file (a small text file) to your computer. The media files themselves will not be saved.

I get the Andromeda menubar, but then the page just stops loading. What's wrong?
Most likely you're running a recent version of Norton AntiVirus. NAV has a feature called "script blocking" which prevents certain scripts from running, and Andromeda is such a script. Basically, Andromeda looks for files & folders using something called the "fileSystem object". Norton considers this suspicious behavior, stops it, and puts up a dialog box asking what you want to do. But, on win2000 the dialog doesn't seem to show up and you just get stuck. Try going to the Symantec search page, and searching the Knowledge Base for "script blocking".

Note that if you run the PHP version of Andromeda, NAV won't make trouble.

When I click download, the mp3 is displayed as text, clicking stream attempts to download an .m3u file?
These are mime config issues. Make sure to configure your browser to play .m3u files (audio/x-mpegurl) with your preferred mp3 player.

I get Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' Permission denied. What's wrong?
You need to grant the Andromeda script the appropriate file system permissions

Do you mind if i change some of the code?
Yes, here's why: if you change the code, only you will benefit. Furthermore, any future improvements coming from me will not incorporate your changes, and you'll have to implement them again. I do however welcome suggestions (see below). If you have any questions about this policy, please contact me at scott@turnstyle.com.

Is it OK if I suggest some improvements in the future?
Absolutely, please do, but first check the list below.

» random play
» more stylesheet specific markup
» server-side playback (see this page)

I love Andromeda. Is there anything I can do in return?
Well, yes. Please make a contribution. You can give whatever you think is fair, and believe it or not, every penny counts. Also, consider adding a link to Andromeda. Button graphics and HTML code are available near the bottom of this page.

If your question isn't covered in this faq, please check out the other documentation. If you still can't find what you're looking for, you can contact me by email toward the bottom of this page.

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