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Andromeda with FTP /
Andromeda works great in conjunction with an FTP server. With an FTP server, you can offer:

» directory downloads
» uploads

The really cool thing about offering FTP uploads is that if the uploads go into an Andromeda accessible directory, they will be available via Andromeda as soon as they're uploaded. However, if you let people upload files, you should make sure to implement at least one of the following two security precautions:

» files in the upload directory can not be accessed via the web


» the upload directory does not allow script execution

Either of these precautions will prevent people from being able to upload and execute scripts on your computer.

You can configure Andromeda to provide a link to your FTP server by setting the ftpPath preference (see the prefs guide). If you do, users will see a icon in the menubar linking to your FTP site. For instance, set ftpPath to ftp://www.yoursite.com or ftp://logon:password@www.yoursite.com

You might also want to check out the page on Running Multiple Andromeda Sites. At the bottom are some instructions on how to set up a 'view-only' site.

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