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Andromeda with Geeklog /
Author: Danny Ledger (danny@squatty.com)

This document includes instructions and custom PHP scripts to help you to integrate Andromeda with Geeklog.

For starters, create the following directory within your Geeklog site:

  • {geeklog_dir}/public_html/mp3

    Add a few MP3 files, a copy of Andromeda, and the header.php and footer.php files contained in this Geeklog_mp3.zip (be sure to edit them as needed).

    Create an Andromeda preferences file (andromedaPrefs.php) with the following settings:

    #coreInclude[tab] {geeklog_dir}/public_html/lib-common.php
    #includeHeader[tab] {geeklog_dir}/public_html/mp3/header.php
    #includeFooter[tab] {geeklog_dir}/public_html/mp3/footer.php
    Note: the leading # is required. It prevents your preferences from being read by a web browser.

    When done, your folder/file structure should look something like:

            {your MP3 files and folderes}

    For a more sophisticated approach that supports multiple themes, check out the info on Squatty's site.

    That's it - enjoy

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