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Setting up Andromeda with MovableType, so that it utilizes your layout, is a simple process. All it requires is the creation of two files in MovableType, and setting some variables in your andromedaPrefs.php prefs file.

1) Create header and footer files
In Movable Type, create two new Index Templates. One will be for the header, and the other for the footer. You'll need to give them a name and specify an output file (eg. name: header, output file: header.php). You should be able to use whatever extension your files normally use (eg. .html, .php, etc.). In the Template body of each you'll add the HTML code that comes before or after where Andromeda appears in the document. The HTML in these two new templates will look a little fragmented, unlike a normal MT template, but that's OK. Use your 'Main Index' template as a guide for the HTML and relevant code.

For example, since we want Andromeda to appear in the main content area of the document, we copy all the HTML that comes before in the 'Main Index' template. Now go back to the 'List Templates' area and click on 'Create new index template'. Where it says 'Template body', paste the HTML you just copied from your 'Main Index' template. Where it says 'Name' enter a name (eg. header), and where it says 'Output File', enter a filename (eg. header.php). Again these names are up to you, so if they conflict with something in your blog just change them. The names really don't matter. Now save the template.

Sample header.php file: view | download
(using MovableType's Default Main Index Template as a guide)

For the footer template, we go back to the 'Main Index' template and copy all the HTML that comes after . Again, we're going to 'Create new index template' and paste the HTML we just copied into the 'Template body', give the file a name (eg. footer), and 'Output File' filename (eg. footer.php). Save the file.

Sample footer.php file: view | download
(using MovableType's Default Main Index Template as a guide)

When you're done with both templates, rebuild the site. MovableType will create and save the files according to the template.

2) Configure Andromeda to include the header and footer
You'll need to create and setup a prefs file. It will basically have 3 variables in it. These will tell Andromeda that you will be using your own header and footer files and where they are located. Setting disableHTMLheaders to true tells Andromeda to disable its own headers in favor of your custom versions. The next two variables, includeHeader and includeFooter tell Andromeda the path to your custom files. Generally you will want to use file paths (not urls) (eg. /home/path/to/file/header.php or C:\home\path\to\file\header.php).

Note: you can find path info in MovableType under 'blog configuration'. Be sure to save the prefs file in the same directory as andromeda.php.

a sample andromedaPrefs.php file:
#disableHTMLheaders[tab] true
#includeHeader[tab] /home/filepath/header.php
#includeFooter[tab] /home/filepath/footer.php
Note: the leading # is required. It prevents your preferences from being read by a web browser.

If the play button doesn't work, you might need to set the hostAddress preference (see the prefs guide) to something like: or mp3.mysite.com or mp3.mysite.com:8080

3) Tweak Andromeda's appearance
If you'd like to tweak Andromeda's appearance to fit better with your design/color scheme, you can adjust things with a skin and a bit of CSS.

Caveat: To preserve layout functionality, some (most) 'table-less' CSS layouts require the siteWidth setting to be set in your skin file. Adjust this setting as needed.

Note: Alternately, if you don't intend to use a skin file, the siteWidth setting may be added to the prefs file, but this is not recommended.

Special thanks to I·Me·Michael for helping to put this document together, and to David Watson for reviewing it.

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