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Server Side Playback /
If you keep your MP3 collection on a PC hooked up to your stereo, or if you want to remotely control a PC running Andromeda for any other reason, read on...

Several remote control software packages enable you to open a window on one PC (the client) that shows you what's happening on the other (the server). When you open Andromeda in the remote control window on your local PC, it launches on the remote PC. And when you click play, the sound comes out of the remote PC.

The cool thing about remote control software is that it automatically works with any audio software you run on the server. That means it also works with Internet radio streams, sites like MP3.com or other Andromeda sites, and services like Napster and Rhapsody.

Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop
Remote Desktop (the server part) is built into Windows XP Professional (not XP Home). Microsoft's Remote Desktop client is available for all versions of Windows and is a free download from here. Other RDP compliant clients may work too.
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Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 (not 2000) includes the updated RDP 5.1 Terminal Services, and so it works like Windows XP Professional Remote Desktop.
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Symantec pcAnywhere
pcAnywhere, available for most versions of Windows, takes an even more literal approach than XP Professional Remote Desktop: when you move the cursor on the client, the cursor moves on the server.
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Available for Mac and Windows, same sort of thing as Symantec pcAnywhere.
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GoToMyPC takes a somewhat different approach to remote control. You run the server software on your Windows PC, but the client is a standard web browser with a freely downloadable plug-in. Their service is subscription based, and both server and client need to be on the Internet (not just on a LAN).
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Other platforms
VNC (free for Win/Unix/OS X, originally from ATT labs) should also do the trick. Mac OS X folks might also look at Apple Remote Desktop. If you have tried either of these solutions or know of any others, please let me know.

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