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User Sites /
Andromeda powers thousands of streaming-media sites. Most are private collections, but these are open to the public. Remember that bandwidth is limited, and these sites may sometimes exceed their capacity. If you want your site listed, please send an email to scott@turnstyle.com.
Official Demo Sites
See Andromeda in action.
Free Radicals
Free Radicals is (usually) an instrumental horn band featuring unsmooth jazz, anarchist funk and old school ska.
Elliott Randall
Legendary session guitarist Elliott Randall has recorded and performed with artists as diverse as Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, Seatrain, The Blues Brothers, Carl Wilson, Peter Wolf, Peter Frampton, James Galway, Richie Havens, among many others.
David & the Citizens
This Swedish band has been compared with Beck, Tom Waits, Rolling Stones, Belle & Sebastian, Bright Eyes and so on, but most of all they sound like David & the Citizens.
Big Ass Truck
A genre-hopping rock group with urban roots in Memphis, TN. From ruckus funk-rock romps to hypnotic booty-movin' beats, all touched with a psychedelic tinge.
Scream Sophie
Alternative hard rock with infectious melodies and forceful, unrelenting rhythms. From Birmingham AL, Scream Sophie sounds like Alice in Chains or Pearl Jam crossed with King's X and Soundgarden.
These kids from San Dimas, CA are all right. Just like Pavement, Pixies, and The Beatles before them, their haircuts are always in style. Listen now, before they've sold their soul to David Geffen.
Q Studios
Classical pianist showcase.
Headrush Records
The ill new sound of the NYC underground. DnB, Jungle, Hard Core, HipHop, TripHop, Punk, Rock... we mix it all up.
A non-profit promoting Chicago's Independient Latino Rock Scene, as well as independent artists and culture. (Site is in Spanish)
Electro Harmonix
Electric guitar effect demos played by artists from Moby, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Devo, Blues Traveler, Elton John, and more.
Heavy rock from Finland.
Drew Vogel
Music from Cincinnati and beyond.
Pop-Rock singer Yasmine.
The Over Riders
Two female vocalists chime to classic rock and pop from the 50's and 60's. Verve enough to get any foot tapping.
Alex Pepper
UK Radio DJ. From House to Trance and everything in between.
Independent music and videos from pop rock to grindcore.
Anarchy & Peace
Punk rock, hardcore, ska, rock'n'roll, surf, trash and more.
The music of emerging jazz artists in New York City.
The Kings Image Audio Page
Elvis tribute artist Rick Huntress
outside alternative
Pan-rhythmic avant-garde guitar by David Cuetter.
Soundscapes from beyond the fringe. Beats, tweaks, gates and grooves.
Larsen Recordz
French garage with a sixties beat
Alberto Rizzo Schettino
John Clift
Check out the 'Music' section for tracks recorded and programmed at private studios in Haarlem in The Netherlands, Los Angeles, Nice and London.
Hindu Cowboys
The Mesmer Collective
A Complete Songwriter's Resource, Post Your Lyrics And Songs For Critique! Join In The Free Q&A Discussions With Hit Makers, Grammy Nominated Writers, And Famous Engineers Like Charlie Craig, Scott Mateer, And Ken Lewis.
Jason Singer
voiceover and saxophone artist Jason Singer
audio for use with Macromedia Flash
New Age mp3s
Green Lemon
Over 40,000 tablatures for guitar and bass, including lyrics.
Electric Mud Band
Blues Rock or, as they prefer, Blues with Power.
Anime & music videos
Afghan Songs
Moshiach Jukebox
Hebrew and Yiddish music in Real Audio format.
Kurdish music in Real Audio format.
In Japan
Asian travel videos in MPG format. If your player can't handle the play button, try clicking the file names instead.
Bahrain band Osiris
Samples of World Music. French site.
Philosophische Audiothek
One of the biggest Jewish music libraries.
Hare Krishna lectures, music, and more
Fellowship Baptist Church
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