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I'm going to endorse a little project that I found last night. I was poking around freshmeat and found the Andromeda project when looking for a web interface for my MP3s. I have to say that, by far, this script is the best one that I have seen. Not only is it well developed and robust (includes support for logins, themes, and multiple configuration options), but it also looks so professional, you'll forget it's Open Source. (heh) We need more projects like this one in the O.S. world - more that care about how the end product looks and less that "just want to get the job done." So, if you're looking for a web-based frontend to your MP3s, be sure to check out the Andromeda project.

Please note that although Andromeda's source code is "open" it is not licensed as "Open Source" -Scott
After struggling to provide basic streaming music services for a group of demanding friends and co-workers, Andromeda ended up saving me a variety of things including time, face, frustration, and pride. Weeks and weeks of ices and icecast issues were quickly remedied by about 30 minutes of pure andromeda love. You know want to...take the plunge.
-Freshmeat.net, review by Brandon K.
This script is the best one that i have ever used or could even create. He has thought of everything. I have over 9000 MP3 s and it has no problem displaying them all.
-HotScripts.com, review by techdoc
I've been looking for the past couple of months for a script exactly like this one. It blows away the competition (what little there is) Hands Down! Minimal setup, if any, the interface is completely Dumb Proof, and best of all it is cross platform (written in PHP and ASP). Get this script! Thanks Scott!!
-HotScripts.com, review by lwenzel
I'm currently using the Andromeda v1.7.1 PHP version on my Web site and must say that it is a great little script. I did a fair bit of searching for scripts that would play both audio and video files and almost gave up... luckily I came across this one. The script is very easy to install and I only had one problem - which had to do with the way I was entering the path names. However, the author responded within a couple of hours - this is especially impressive given that we live on opposite sides of the world. Other features I like include: the ability to add your own header/footers; ability to search for titles; ability to add annotations; ability to use your own style sheets; extremely easy to add new files - simply upload to the directory and Andromeda will generate the correct links! I could go on and on, but it's best that you check it out.
-HotScripts.com, review by gaijin
There is a pretty nifty web-based streaming MP3 application written in PHP called Andromeda. It's skinnable and has login-based security features. It also allows you to build your own custom playlists and annotate your collection of MP3's!
Great Stuff!
I was looking for this type of program from a long time, but wasnt able to find anywhere. Thanks to aspin for putting it over here. Great job from the programmers !! Wish u a very good luck and thankyou to the creators of andromeda.
-ASP Resource Index (aspin.com), review by Javed S
Kick-ass, handy tool for listening to your mp3's. If your like me who REQUIRES a music collection everywhere you go, use this simple tool to keep the music jamming. I've told several friends of mine about Andromeda and they all love it. Give it a try, you can discover lots of ways to use Andromeda.
Easy to set up! Follow instructions at Scott Matthews's site , e.g. 1 or 2 entries in the andromeda.php script, make a short andomedaPrefs.php file, put the script(s) in your mp3 directory. Get your webserver set-up for PHP, Either change the DocumentRoot to andromeda.php or link to it from your web page.. Once you call it up from your browser, it roars through your mp3 directory and makes searchable listing of all your mp3's! No need for intregating a separate database program to keep track of things. Updating the listing? No problem. just add mp3's in the path, it self-updates each time you call it ! You must have PHP installed (v4) and have it integrated into it. I use RH 7.1, Apache. standard install - piece of cake!
-Freshmeat.net, posted by kimsmith
Introduction: Andromeda has got be one of the coolest scripts I have come across in a long time. I decided to go out on a hunt to find a cool script that I could list the Mp3s that were in my collection in a web browser so other people could view them and even play them! Look no more, I have found the most excellent script for the task! Scott Matthews over at turnstyle.com has coded this really cool script that is available in many flavors for many different types of web server applications and operating systems. You got Linux? Unix? Windows 2000? Windows 98? It doesn't matter! Andromeda will run as either a Active Server Page (ASP) or a PHP script on any kind of machine! Features: Listing the Mp3s in your collection is not the only cool feature about Andromeda. Other Features include:

  • Skins! - You can create your own skins via a style sheet type of method
  • ID3 Tag Support! - Yes Andromeda can read ID3 tags! This is highly configurable in the script
  • PostNuke Support - Ahh isn't that great? It can run as a module in Postnuke driven sites!
  • Virtual Directories or Paths - Need some files that aren't on your local machine?
  • And many more features
    Andromeda is tryware, which means if you like it and intend on using it on your website, you should donate what you feel it's worth. If people do not contribute to script developers like Turnstyle for example, these scripts will begin to lack updates and bug fixes therefore eventually be kicked to the side and forgotten about. The other side of that is if we contribute as a community of script users, the developers will in turn provide more development to the projects they are working on therefore giving us the functionality we desire. So, if you use Andromeda, please help out and contribute! I would personally like to see Scott and Turnstyle keep moving along. Scripts like this are priceless. Good job to them and thanks!
    Hey Scott, I appreciate your efforts in developing Andromeda! I think it's a great script and it is supported through your website as well or better than most commercial applications. I have version 1.4 I believe and I am about to put my site up that will feature it along with my other knicks and knacks. I would like to contribute and before I get another copy I will send you some pesos.
    "I finally found something free on the internet worth paying for"
    "This is superb stuff. Not just useful, but one of the best uses of ASP I have seen "
    "this thing works great, and is turning out to be more flexible than it appeared. Nice software."
    "WOOOHOOO! I just gotta say YOU ROCK! Today has been such a fun day for me.

    Cool addition, I just tried implemented the new script with the logon feature. Im not gonna use it for now but its really neat, and a great option."

    I and a few other people I have told are very impressed with this script. It works very well. Even after I added my whole library of music to the site

    Once again it is working great. (Very Slick)

    I think this is going to be a very nice solution to many people's needs. One of my good freinds who introduced me to php also compliments you on this code. It is very easy to read and very well laid out."
    "it works great on my internal LAN"
    "Hey, ur app really kick ass....Are u getting many fans?

    Nice work. once again"
    "hey its working great!!! , i really like it."
    "You rule :)"
    "I think it is awesome I love Andromeda. I use it from home and work."
    "nice job, it seems to work without a hitch"
    "you did a awesome job I love it

    this script is awesome"
    "Awesome! Works great. I feel like I owe you something for it! I realy like the search function, very handy in a library such as mine. I was only able to put about ten albums online from four different artists due to hard drive space (new one coming this weekend) but I am very imressed with the functionality. Thanks again!

    Cool, I just showed my friend and he said "This is the collest s*&t I've ever seen""
    "I think it's a fabulous application"

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