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Change Log / PHP
» Fixed set_magic_quotes_runtime(), date(), eregi() and eregi_replace() problems introduced by changes to PHP (as of PHP version 5.3.0). PHP
» Fixed fread() problem introduced by change to PHP. ASP & PHP
» IE6 has a bug that can sometimes affect the use of Andromeda's play selection button (the gray play button down at the bottom -- this issue has no effect on the regular green play buttons). For greater control, a new pref has beed added: playSelectionMode. The default value is "disabled," but you can set it to "get" or "post" -- see the prefs guide for more details. PHP
» A fix to compensate for an odd behavior of some PHP5 installs (the "file not found" message) PHP
» A fix to compensate for a bug recently introduced to PHP (the "fread warning")

1.9.3 ASP & PHP
» hidePoweredby prefs added hideMetasearch (not available with the free version)
» the lawyers tell me that the page doesn't need to display "©2002 Scott Matthews, Turnstyle" in order to protect the copyright, so I got rid of it.
» new fileCount and fileCountWidth prefernces to display sequential track numbers.
» Bosanski (Bosnian), Eesti (Estonian), Shqip (Albanian), and Viet Ngu (Vietnamese) support added.
» (ÿþ) removed when present in ID3 tags.
» fixed bug when using the navigation bar pulldown to switch to folders with a '+' in the name.
» bookmarked urls ending in ?q=y&m=1 no longer display a blank page.
» MB / KB / Kbit displays modified for consistancy
» Fixed minor bug with ID3 reader
» localFilePlayback pref added to PHP version (it was already a pref in the ASP version).
» change to the HTTP headers in the PHP version to compensate for a bug in the Postnuke portal software.
» fixed behavior of PHP version when loading blank preferences.
» fixed minor bug with the skin redenderer in ASP version.

1.9.2 ASP & PHP
» set the new logonMessage pref to display a message on Andromeda's logon screen (if you're using it).
» set the new compactSearch pref to true to simplify the search box. Note, however, that the default 'split' search can improve performance.
» basic VBR support. To improve performance, Andromeda guesses the bitrate and duration. You can tune the new vbrScanCount, vbrSkipCount and cbrCutoff preferences to find the best balance of performance vs. accuracy.
» mp3 duration bug (with non 44KHz files) fixed
» minor improvements and fixes to the gui
» fix to an issue with the play button next to individual files that affected certain browser/player combinations
» ID3 track name is now displayed, if presesnt, when fileLinks is set to false
» Romanian translation revised

1.9.1 ASP & PHP
» timeout preference modified to use system default when unset (now the default) - this fixes an issue with PHP installations running in "safe mode".
» fixed display of Slovensky in language pulldown (PHP version)
» Slovenian support added

1.9 ASP & PHP
» Recursive folder playback
» Add folders to the playlist
» Playlist buttons replaced with icons for narrow-window support. If you're using local image files, make sure to get the new icons. You can revert to the old form buttons by setting usePlaylistIcons to false.
» New maxPlaylistTracks pref to limit the number of tracks returned in a playlist. Defaults to 5000.
» New timeout pref to set the maximum script execution time (in seconds). Defaults to 90.
» Limit search to folders / files / folders + files
» Chiniese (Simplified and Traditional), Arabic, and Slavic support added.

1.8.6 ASP & PHP
» clicking a 'folder list image' now opens the folder
» Greek and Brazilian Portuguese support added
» fix to Catalan translation

1.8.5 ASP & PHP
» content-disposition header now sent for greater player compatibility
» useExtLogon preference to tell Andromeda to use Nuke and phpWebSite authentication
» hideMenubar preference added
» rootName preference lets you assign an alternate name to the topmost folder
» Bulgarian support added
» fix to Spanish translation
» improvement to the GUI

1.8.4 ASP & PHP
» metasearch feature added
» iconSize preference added for users with high-res displays and/or limited vision
» the pulldown-menu go buttons are now ony displayed when JavaScript is unavailable
» Serbian language support added
» internal icon data updated. If you are using image files for the icons, you should download a fresh set.

1.8.3 ASP & PHP
» Korean and Japanese added
» search box moved to top
» nested folders are now listed in convetional top to bottom (left to right) order, and other tweeks to the navigation bar
» Network Trash Folder added to the list of folders skipped by default
» minor fix to displayNew in PHP version
» minor fix to folder name display in PHP version

1.8.2 ASP & PHP
» Nuke module and add-on support, including new moduleOnly preference. Get more info.
» Security enhancement with the PHP version
» Fixed potential problem with ID3 reader and the PHP version on Windows
» Skin behavior fixed
» Polski (Polish) added

1.8.1 ASP & PHP
» Andromeda now also speaks Pycckuu (Russian) and Íslenska (Icelandic)
» Spelling errors in the English and Spanish translations fixed
» "File not found" issue with certain PHP installations fixed
» Uncommon "Phantom file" issue with some folder names in the PHP version fixed
» HTML entities behavior changed with the ASP version

1.8 ASP & PHP
» Andromeda is now multilingual. Included languages: Català (Catalan), Cesky (Czech), Dansk (Danish), Deutsch (German), English, Español (Spanish), Français (French), Italiano (Italian), Magyar (Hungarian), Nederlands (Dutch), Norsk (Norwegian), Portugues (Português), Romana (Romanian), Suomi (Finnish), Svenska (Swedish), and Türkçe (Turkish).

new language prefs:
» defaultLanguage (default = EN)
this lets you choose Andromeda's 'startup' language
» globalAnnotations (default = true)
if you have added annotations to your site, but you only want them displayed when a visitor is viewing your site in the defaultLanguage, set this to false
» permitTranslation (default = true)
if you don't want users to be able to change languages (hides the pull-down menu) set this to false
other new prefs:
» skipPrefix
when set, Andromeda will ignore all folders and files whose names begin with the folderSkipPrefix. Defaults to "." in the PHP version.
» folderSkipNames
a list of specific folder names for Andromeda to ignore, defaults to:
"_private,_fpclass,_vti_cnf,_vti_pvt,_derived,_overlay,RECYCLER,Recycled,System Volume Information"
» checkboxDefault
determines whether the checkboxes next to files are checked by default. the default behavior is true. set checkboxDefault to false if you want files unchecked by default.

1.7.3 PHP
» Certain installations of the Xitami web server fail to return $PHP_SELF, which prevents the PHP version of Andromeda from properly auto-configuring. This release compensates for that behavior.

1.7.2 ASP & PHP
» includeEXTM3U now defaults to false to address certain compatibility issues.
» PHP version now compatible when asp_tags is set to on in the PHP ini file.

1.7.1 ASP & PHP
functional changes
» PHP version now turns off E_NOTICE error_reporting to prevent loads of useless warnings.
» "File not found" displayed if Andromeda is requested to display a folder which doesn't exist (important for outdated bookmarks)
» you can now have any number of tabs between keys and values in preference, logon, and skin files
» displayNew now defaults to false

New prefs for integrating andromeda with an existing site & greater overall esthetic control. For more info, see Integrating Andromeda into your Site.
» includeHeader - the path to an external file included just after the <BODY> tag.
» includeFooter - the path to an external file included just before the </BODY> tag.
Note: for the ASP version, includeHeader & includeFooter only works version 5 & up of the script engine.
» absoluteHeader - just like includeHeader but you supply actual HTML instead of pointing to a file
» absoluteFooter - just like includeFooter but you supply actual HTML instead of pointing to a file
Note: absoluteHeader & absoluteFooter will work fine with earlier versions of the ASP script engine.
» disableHTMLheaders - if you want to supply your own <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE></TITLE> <SCRIPT></SCRIPT> <LINK> </HEAD> <BODY> and </BODY></HTML> tags in your include/absolute header/footer. I don't recommend this one - see the notes.
» includeJavascript - includes a .js file in a <SCRIPT src="yourfile.js"></SCRIPT> tag in the HEAD.

prefs to tell andromeda what annotation files to look for
» folderListInfo - 'folder list view' text file name. DO NOT include the ".txt" extention.
» folderOpenInfo - 'folder open view' text file name. DO NOT include the ".txt" extention.
» folderListImage - 'folder list view' image file name. DO NOT include the ".gif" or ".jpg" extention.
» folderOpenImage - 'folder open view' image file name. DO NOT include the ".gif" or ".jpg" extention.
» folderListImageDims - hardwire the dimentions of the folderListImage
» folderOpenImageDims - hardwire the dimentions of the folderOpenImage

New prefs futher enhancing running multiple andromeda sites. For more info, see Running Multiple Andromeda Sites
» skinFile - points andromeda to a skin file. defaults to androemdaSkin.txt
» logonFile - points andromeda to a logon file. defaults to androemdaLogons.asp or androemdaLogons.php

Misc prefs
» includeEXTM3U - tells Andromeda to include #EXTM3U info in the playlists. defaults to true.

1.7 ASP & PHP
» Andromeda can now read ID3v1, ID3v1.1, and ID3v2 tags (Artist, Album, and Track name) as well as determine track length and quality. There are two new prefs: getID3info and skipID3v1. getID3info activates Andromeda's ID3 reader, and skipID3v1 tells Andromeda not to scan for the ID3v1 tag. Both the ASP and PHP versions default with getID3info on, but with the ASP version I've set skipID3v1 to default to true, as ASP seems quite slow in finding its way to the end of the MP3 file (where the ID3v1 tag is).

1.6.4 PHP
» PHP3 compatibility restored

1.6.3 ASP & PHP
New Preferences
» fileLinks - you can turn off the download links
» playLinks - you can turn off the streaming play buttons
( turn off fileLinks and playLinks for a "view only" site )
» permitPlaylists - you can turn off the playlist features
» cssLinkHref - inserts <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="your css file here"> (more css-specific markup coming soon...)
» playlistMime - set to audio/x-pn-realaudio for exclusively Real Media sites
» protocol - set to rtsp if you are running a proper Real server
» new filetypes added
audio: ra, mid, midi
video: rv, rm, mov, qt
playlist: ram
» you can now run multiple copies of andromeda, each with different prefs
» better job of guessing server name (or ip), now including port
Bugs fixed
» navbar on some PHP/Windows installations fixed
» ## - returned to default tkcodes for PHP
» redirects removed to fix potential playlist & logon bugs
» PHP optimized ini support

1.6.2 ASP & PHP
» filetype extensions no longer case-sensitive
» Netscape cosmetic glitches fixed

1.6.1 ASP & PHP
» tkNumTrimCodes preference added to enable customization of how track numbers are trimmed from the front of file names.

1.6 ASP & PHP
» multiple filetype support added:
audio: mp3, wma, wav, aif, aiff, au, ogg
video: mpg, mpeg, mpe, asf, avi, wmv, vob
playlist: m3u, asx

1.5.1 PHP
» playlist 'play all' bug fixed

1.5 ASP & PHP
» playlist feature added

1.4 ASP & PHP
» skin feature added
» numbering changed to better reflect project history

0.019 ASP & PHP
» minor fixes to generated html

0.018 ASP
» localFilePlayback reintroduced along with a preference to enable it
» mediaWebPath and mediaPhysicalPath added to preference editor
» cosmetic improvements

0.018 PHP
» full PHP3 (PHP >= 3.06) compatibility
» Windows/Apache/PHP compatibility
» apostrophie bug fixed (overcomes php.ini 'magic quotes' settings)
» _folderListInfo.txt fixed
» cosmetic improvements

0.017 ASP & PHP
» minor cosmetic & bug fixes

0.016 ASP & PHP
» customHeader preference added
» minor cosmetic fixes

0.015 ASP & PHP
» minor cosmetic fixes

0.014.1 ASP
» now properly sorts on all Windows platforms
» more of the first attempt at localFilePlayback removed

0.014.1 PHP
» sort is now case insensitive

0.014 ASP & PHP
» logon feature added

0.013.1 ASP
» first attempt at localFilePlayback removed (IE and/or WMP bug)

0.013.1 PHP
» minor PHP3 compatibility fix

» quote icon for discussions added & folderaux1 preference added
» minor cosmetic fixes

» url check function updated

» misc. minor updates
» first attempt at localFilePlayback (ASP verion only)

» code tightened

» code tightened
» fix for Netscape problems with certain urls

» minor cosmetic fixes

» misc. minor updates

0.006.1 ASP
» folders with a period in their name are displayed correctly

0.006.1 PHP
» file search fixed

» link to All Music modified again

» link to All Music modified (they changed their url)

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