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Running Multiple Andromeda Sites /
There are a number of reasons why you might want to run multiple copies of Andromeda, including:

» you want to use Andromeda on your LAN and from elsewhere on the Internet, and you need to use different settings for each.

» you want a 'view-only' site, and a different one which can play files.

» you've got Real media files mixed in with your mp3 and other files, and you want a seperate site which is tailored for Real files.

The first thing you need to know is that you can change the name of the Andromeda script file. So, for instance, lets say you duplicate and rename the scipt file, and you now have:

andromeda1.asp (or .php) and andromeda2.asp (or .php)

You now have 2 copies of the script, but they both use the same preferences file. To point a script to a specified preference file, you have to make a minor change to the script itself (please note that this is the only licensed change you can make to the core script). If you open the script file in a text editor near the top you'll see a line which reads:

andromedaPrefsFileName = "andromedaPrefs.asp"
$andromedaPrefsFileName = "andromedaPrefs.php";

All you need to do is change the value of the andromedaPrefsFileName, and make sure to create the second (correspondingly named) preference file.

Example: View-Only site
Create a copy of your Andromeda script and call it viewonly.asp (or .php). Modify the value of andromedaPrefsFileName at the top of viewonly.asp to point to viewonlyPrefs.asp (or .php).

Set fileLinks, playLinks, and permitPlaylists in viewonlyPrefs.asp to false. That's it - now you have one regular, and one view-only site.

There are some other preferences of interest, such as skinFile and logonFile. You can use them to assign different logons and/or a skin files to a particular preference file.

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