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Andromeda Quotes & Reviews
Andromeda is the simple and smart MP3 server for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
"It doesn't get much simpler than Andromeda. If you have a basic Web site and are capable of copying MP3s and the Andromeda script (PHP or ASP) into a folder on your server, you can offer streaming or downloadable music on the Internet or within any LAN."
"Patrick recommends Andromeda: it takes your MP3 collection and turns it into a fully featured, on-demand, streaming website...one of the slickest looking systems..."
-Patrick Norton
Host, The Screen Savers
Andromeda, as featured in PC User's "The Net's Best Music Resources" roundup.
Free CultureLawrence Lessig:
"I have begun a large process at home of ripping all of my and my wife's CDs, and storing them in one archive. Then, using Apple's iTunes, or a wonderful program called Andromeda, we can build different play lists of our music: Bach, Baroque, Love Songs, Love Songs of Significant Others -- the potential is endless."
-Free Culture
Penguin Press, 2004
"Andromeda Webcasts From Kitchens To Corporations...The Net Is Buzzing..." [full story]
"Andromeda is a super easy way to get your iTunes streaming back."
Clear Channel
"We're using Andromeda to distribute station promo audio enterprise-wide within Clear Channel. It's so simple to use that even I can figure it out. Our producers and programming staff love it....simple and powerful."
-Jim Cook
Production Brand Manager
"Plays a full album or folder with a click." [full story]
"Andromeda provides a cross-platform tool to serve audio files (as well as other types) for corporate, public, and private use."
"A way-groovy app that allows you to stream your MP3 library over the Internet."
Dave Central
"Especially cool for bands...the coming thing in independent music promotion."
"Browse your media library using any web browser. It's dead simple to install." [full story]
"...huge timesavings for both people who want to listen to their own music collections, and people who want to share their audio with the world...ease of use is the name of the game..."
"I tested it out on my workstation and was impressed. With no config at all, you just drop it in and it works. I like that."
-Matthew Haughey
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